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Digital certificate revocation

Any certification service provider is obliged to revoke the certificate within 24 hours from the time they became aware or should and could have become aware about the occurrence of any of the following cases:

  • Request of the signatory if it found that:
    • lost cryptographic device
    • cryptographic device is faulty
    • cryptographic device is locked
    • He wants to quit AlfaTrust certification services S.A.
  • The death or interdiction of the signatory;
  • Where a court has revoked irrevocable;
  • If it proves unequivocally that the certificate was issued based on false or erroneous information;
  • Where essential information contained in the certificate is no longer valid;
  • When the signature creation data privacy has been infringed;
  • If the certificate has been used fraudulently;

Certification service provider shall inform the user about revocation of the certificate, together with the reasons for its decision. Certification service provider shall bear the endorsement certificate revocation in the electronic filing of certificates issued within 24 hours from the time they became aware of the event. Revocation shall be opposable to third parties from the date of its registration in the electronic filing of certificates.

To revoke the certificate issued in your name by AlfaTrust Certification S.A., please complete the following form:

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