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Offline renewal

Using AlfaTrust’s offline renewal procedure of the digital certificate you can get a competitive price and a great user experience.
If yu wish to renew your certificate using an old eToken please be advised that your old certificate will be erased. If you used the old certificate to encrypt any information or data, you will not be able to decrypt the data upon renewal.

In order to renew your certificate, plese follow the steps below:


1.Fill in the online registration form

In just a few minutes you can fill in the form that contains the following information:

  • required information for the electronic certificate
  • invoice information
  • delivery information for the original documents

Click here to access the registration form.

2.Print and sign the emailed documents

After filling in the registration form you will receive an email containing the files that you need to print and sign in order to request the digital certificate. The documents will be autocompleted with the information you provided in the online form. You only need to:

  • print, sign and stamp (if required) two copies of the recieved contract;
  • print and sign two copies of the user contract;
  • print and sign the statement of acceptancy;
  • make a copy of your ID and sign on it;
  • (if required) make a copy of the company’s registration certificate – ask the legal representative to sign and stamp it.


3.Make the payment

Along with the required documents, the email will also contain the proforma invoice that will provide you all the in formation required in order to make the payment.


4. Ship the documents to AlfaTrust

You can bring the files directly to us or you can use the free delivery service that AlfaTrust provides.


5.Certificate delivery

If all documents and information is correct, the digital certificate will be delivered to the address you provided in the registration form.