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Obtaining the digital certificate for electronic signature

According to the application of Law 455/2001, a digital certificate is nominal.

1. Fill in the registration form with the following information:

  • Identification data of the applicant;
  • Legal entity data, billing information needed;
  • Information on the delivery address of the certificate and related documents;

Fill in the registeration form now

2. Print and sign documents received via email

After submitting the registration form you will receive an email containing the necessary documents for obtaining a qualified digital certificate:

  • print, signed and stamp (if required) two copies of the beneficiary contract;
  • print and sign two copies of the user contract;
  • print and sign the statement of acceptance;
  • print and sign the handover report;
  • make a copy of your ID and sign it.

3.Make the payment

Along with the required documents, the email will also contain the proforma invoice that will provide you all the in formation required in order to make the payment.

4. Ship the documents to AlfaTrust

You can bring the files directly to us or you can use the free delivery service that AlfaTrust provides.

5.Certificate delivery

If all documents and information is correct, the digital certificate will be delivered to the address you provided in the registration form.