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Instructions for submitting statements online

1. Introduction:

Certification AlfaTrust S.A. is a certified trust services provider.

The online transmission of tax returns, belongs to National Agency for Fiscal Administration.

AlfaTrust Certification S.A. It is not an operator and can not be held responsible for use of the facilities of the system.

The statements in this manual have been collected and synthesized by the technical department / Certification S.A. AlfaTrust development of the information found on the ANAF website.

2. Minimum System Requirements (computer)

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7; Browser (Internet navigation): Internet Explorer 6.0 or more advanced;
Install the software (suite) Adobe Reader 8.2 (if the version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer is different from the one specified by ANAF, it may not run properly);
3. Obtaining a digital certificate

4. The procedure for registration of qualified digital certificate system ANAF

A. Download and save “confirmation document”

B. Fill “confirmation document” as follows:

  • Connect the e-Token device into the computer and open the confirmation document
  • Fill in the first page and press “User Signature”
  • Click on the “Sign” button and save the document on your computer
  • Enter your password and press the OK button
  • Save the document and then send the certification AlfaTrust S.A. for confirmation by e-mail

C. AlfaTrust will verify the accuracy of the information. If the information for this document is correct  you receive a confirmation via email.

D. “confirmation document” received by mail will be saved on the computer (Desktop)